Our Home & Values

At B&B Family Farm we have committed to becoming excellent stewards of rare, endangered and heritage breed livestock and our little spot on this Mother Earth.  We will be providing a safe, humane and natural environment for all our animals that is as close to nature’s design as possible.   We will be focusing on our animals and enhancing our land by practicing various sustainable farming practices.   These practices will include;

  • the 4 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Restore),
  • Conservation Breeding Programs of rare and endangered breeds,
  • Pasture/Grazing Programs including Intensive Rotation and Multi-speciation, and
  • On-Farm Feed Production allowing animals to self harvest feedstuffs where possible.

We believe these efforts will enhance the well-being of our animals and will provide the finest in clean, fresh and uniquely tasteful foods for our customers.  We are so looking forward to that!


Views on Certifications Programs

Having read at one time that “you cannot legislate integrity” caused us to take pause and consider this point.  We believe integrity- not well-meaning, hi-jacked certification programs-  is paramount to building a relationship between farmer and consumer.   In our opinion Certified Organic, Certified Grass-fed,  Certified Naturally Grown, Animal Welfare Approved and so on are examples of this.  Sure, lots of farmers with these certifications are excellent stewards of land and beast, but these standards are fraught with items that may not be in the best interest of either.   For example, to claim “Free-Range” chicken, just provide a never used access door to a grassy area. That’s a little miss-leading.  Still the farmer has to have the integrity to honor his certifications- most do, I suppose.

This is not a new concept.  Many farmers are adopting the psudo-standard of being  “beyond organic”.  They, as we do, base their standard on Openness and Transparency.   This is the only way to verify integrity.  To use a phrase from Tim Young, Natures Harmony Farm and author of  The Accidental Farmers, “Standards aren’t necessary. Relationship’s are!”